Paul Klee and the Line

Paul Klee woke up one day

And took a line for a walk

They went for miles, saw many sights

But didn’t stop to talk


A line, said Paul, is a very fine friend

It takes you here and there

In and out and over the fence

You never can tell where.


Paul Klee was the line's best friend.

He handled her with care.

You can tell that the line loved Paul

They were a handsome pair.


They sang a song as they went along

Of yellow, blue and green

Of red, purple, black and orange

And everything in between.


Paul Klee took a walk one day

With his old friend the line

She was Paul’s very dear friend

And I’d like to make her mine.


Elizabeth McKee, May 2012

Technical Note:


At the end of a marbling session with my niece, Anne, a couple years ago I took the pots of leftover acrylic paint and did a wash on one side of a piece of Arches text wove paper and then splatted paint on the other and let it drip. Then I made it into momigami by coating it with konnyaku and kneading it. THEN I cut it up and made it into pages which I bound using Cherri Moote's directions for Secret Belgian Binding.



The dimensions of the closed book are:

H 6.25" x W 8.625" x D.625"