Fragments of Prayers #2

This is #2 of a series of three books which were a meditation on the Buddhist chant OM MANI PADME HUM




Again I started with a sheet of  heavy-weight, white St Armand paper  




and proceeded to write in gesso, sumi, walnut ink and white gouache with sixty different tools .


Then I cut the sheet into sixty pieces. They are bound together with a coptic binding as described by Keith Smith in his book Smith's Sewing Single Sheets. Since I still wanted it to have no beginning or end I used twelve pieces of thread to bind them together. All of the threads start and end on different pages.  Since these pages are so thick they create a wonderful clicking sound when they turn.


And I discovered that a book with no beginning or end needs a box to protect it in lieu of covers!


Size: H 3.5"  W 8"  D 2.375"

Book 8