Fragments of Prayers #1

This is #1 of a series of three books which were a meditation on the Buddhist chant OM MANI PADME HUM




I started with a sheet of white heavy-weight St Armand ( paper and proceeded to write the words in gesso, sumi, walnut ink and white gouache, sixty different ways - thirty on each side. Then I tore the sheet into sixty pieces - fragments. After that I punched a hole into each fragment and threaded them onto a rope. I wanted to convey both the imperfection of our prayers and the endlessness of them. The rope is spliced so that you cannot find a beginning or an end to it. The prayers just go on and on. Also  the pages can be rotated around the string thus changing their visual relationships to each other. I love the soft fuzziness of the torn edges. The red bits are fragments of the mark of my chop.


The box is covered with a sheet of tan St Armand paper that has flecks of torn white paper in it. They seemed to me like more prayer fragments floating through the universe. The inside is covered with recycled daphne paper from Nepal reflecting the cyclical nature of this prayer.


Size: H5.75"  W 5.25"  D 3.5"

Book 7