Three Histories and a Hummingbird -Part 4


by Mary Oliver

I am rather fond of this crude little box with its blank book which I made in a Fimo workshop with Dayle Doroshow in Boston in 2001. I had borrowed stamps from my classmates for the images and it always reminded me of a sarcophagus. The blank book unfortunately left it incomplete so it has been languishing on a shelf waiting for me to fill it.


Its dimensions are about L 5.5" (14 cm)x H 3"(at it's widest) ( 7.7 cm) and D 1.25" (3.2 cm).


Now it is filled with section four of a longer poem by Mary Oliver called “Three Histories and a Hummingbird”. You can read the whole poem at this link.





I thought this poem fit well because the #4 is associated with death in Japan and also because of its question.

Book 6

Three Histories and a Hummingbird