by Leonard Cohen

I started this book in September, 2008, as part of the preparation for my Ottawa workshop in October. It evolved from making random marks on a sheet of Arches Text wove and then pulling them together once I had folded the pages. The fragment of Iberian Script from the 4th century BCE was the first mark to go on and I worked from there. The lettering was inspired by it.


I used sumi ink, charcoal, oil pastels, gouache, Copic multiliner pens and collage.  


The text showed up and insisted on being used after I had begun to work out the page sequence.


The closed dimensions are:

Height 11.875 inches (30.2 cm)

Width 10 inches (25.4 cm)


Enjoy the music. I'll leave it on until I'm told to remove it. Just click on any photo to make it stop.


Oh yes, there are 60 little black scraps of paper.

Book 4

06 - Leonard Cohen - DEMOCRACY