Eleven Views of    a Cold Wind


1.   A cold wind in the Great Bank

      Is colder than a fish.


2.   A red owl could not see its reflection

      In the lake.

      It flew into the barn, where it could

      Hear a cold wind in the



3.   A farmer thought he felt a cold wind,

      And thought about it all night.

      The next day he hanged himself.


4.   A cold wind always comes from

      The same direction.


5.   Yesterday there was a cold wind.

      Today there is rain and a cold wind.


6.   A cold wind carries the sound of bells

      As far as the hospital and the



7.   Factory smoke loses its identity

      In a cold wind.


8.   A man found his daughter in bed

      With the neighbor's son.

      They could hear a cold wind,

      But he could not.


9.   A desert expects more of

      A cold wind

      Than a mountain.


10. A small boy told his grandfather how much

      He loved the cold wind in the trees outside.

      The old man smiled and took a walk

      In the park.


11.Chiseled marble,

      More than a river

      Or an eagle,

      Is singular

      In a cold wind.


                                                                                    - Joseph Winters -


I have carried a typewritten copy of this poem with me for so long that  i have forgotten where and when it came into my possession. Internet searches have revealed nothing about the author. If anyone can shed any light on his identity, please share it with me.


This is the first star book that I have made. My niece, Anne, visited again this summer and we were experimenting with different book forms. When we came to this one I finally had that "AHA" moment - this was the perfect form for this poem. Eleven different windows for eleven different views.


Closed, the book's dimensions are:


H 5.25" (13.4cm) x  W 3.5" (9cm)  x

D 1.25" (3cm)


It is written with a silver gel pen on Arches text wove paper which I painted with acrylic paint. The collage elements are glued on with rice paste.


The cover is momigami and the shell buttons were a souvenir from my daughter's trip to New Zealand.

Eleven Views of a Cold Wind

Book 37