Outside Myself 5

 Book 33

This is the third version of this poem which I wrote in response to the title assigned by the Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project Volume 4.  


You can see Outside Myself #1 at




The text paper is Arches Text Wove paper on which I played around with inks and acrylic modeling paste. The printed Japanese papers and marbled and paste papers are pasted on with rice paste. The text is written with a white pigment uni-ball Signo broad marker.


The colophon page is recycled daphne paper.


The cover paper is momi-gami.  




Outside myself there is a bed and in that bed is me.

Outside my bed there is a room as cozy as can be.


Outside my room there is a tree with branches wild and free.

Upon one branch are six weird wrens all going hee! hee! hee!


Outside the tree there is a road that leads to here and there

To towns, fields, lakes and streams and just about everywhere.


Beside the road there is a house and in that house you hide

Please put your feet upon that road and come back to my side.



Elizabeth McKee © 2010

Outside Myself 1