The poem in this book is one of my first sonnets, written in the Fall 2009 Jenny McKean Moore Free Community Workshop led by Ed Skoog.





The title was randomly assigned by the Art House Co-op as part of the Sketchbook Project Volume 4.





Outside Myself 1 is part of the Art House Co-op collection so I did not count it in mine.


This is a variation on Book # 2


The text papers are Arches Text Wove paper on which I played around with inks and acrylic modeling paste. Then I added some colour with Plaka paints and Sennelier iridescent pastels. The text is written with a white pigment uni-ball Signo broad marker.



Outside Myself 4


Outside myself there is a great big room

Where I lie scattered with the other toys

Exhausted from a night of going zoom

And racing up and down with little boys.

Clutching paper jets we all karoomed

While marionettes whirled wildly speading joy.

For night had banished crankiness and gloom.

And no one seemed to care about the noise.


Now as the sun climbs overtop the hill

I hear you softly snoring in your beds.

Immobile, I sprawl on the window sill  

Memories still dancing in my head.

Small boys may thrive while playing in the sun

But toys must wait till dark to have their fun.


Elizabeth McKee © 2010

Book 32

Ed Skoog Sketch Book Project