This little accordion folded  book started in Judy Melvin's 4 day "Spontaneous Combustion" workshop in Columbia, MD on the weekend of October 10-13, 2008. On day four we were instructed to make a bar code using exercises that we had been doing for the previous three days. Here is mine. It is 10  x 3.25 inches (25.5 x 8.2 cm) folded and 10 x 25.75 inches (25.5 x 65.5 cm) opened out.

Bar Code Sampler

The stripes from left to right are:


1. Sumi ink


2. Plaka paint


3. Dr. Martin's Tech ink


4. Dr. Martin's Tech ink with writing in bleach


5. Walnut ink written into with a bone folder while wet


6. Gessso with design made with old credit card


7. Pastel with design cut out of contact paper


8. Pastel with stencil and collage


9. Derwent Inktense pencils


10. Patent gold on glue stick then written over with a .005 black  Copic marker


11. Lettering inspired by Hans Joachim Burgert plus barcode with (yes you guessed it) 60 lines. Count 'em!


The black "lines" are Japanese paper with gold threads in it.

Book 3