Momigami Sampler


Momigami is paper that has been coated on both sides with a paste made of the starch of Devil’s tongue root – konnyaku – and then kneaded. This process makes the paper both stronger, more flexible and water and wind resistant.


In Japan it has been used traditionally for making paper clothing (kamiko), momigami (kneaded paper) and kyoseishi (strong paper). Boiling the paper in a solution of water and slaked lime makes it waterproof. I skipped that step.


Traditionally momigami is made with handmade Japanese paper which has long fibers. However I wanted to see how an assortment of samples from my paper collection would survive the process. Here are my results, sixty different samples of momigami paired with a  samples of untreated paper. With some of the samples I tried crumpling the paper without the konnyaku treatment just to see what would happen. The first opening is an example of this. The pages are labled at the back of the uncrumpled sheets.


I was introduced to the process of making momigami at a workshop at The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto last year and wanted to expand what I had learned in the three hour workshop. Now I have a whole book with sixty (60) samples!

For more information on momigami check out these websites:

Size: H 8.25"  W 6.25"  D 4.75"

Book 15