Rebirth of Wonder


The waves roll

and the tides of the moon

turn me under again

I have my moment with the sea

I flow around the earth

my hair caught in continents

and come up gasping

I would like to know your name

for all of my life

–Joan Finnigan–


From: A Circle of Love

I painted the two center sheets of this book in a Judy Melvin workshop in 2008. The other sheets were painted as the book developed. They include snippets of a jazz poem called I Am Waiting by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The refrain, "I am waiting for the rebirth of wonder ", runs through the poem and these pages.


The section of Joan Finnigan’s poem "A Circle of Love", immediately came to mind for theses pages. I then found "Something" by Mary Oliver which seemed to compliment the other two poems and complete the work. The Finnigan poem was written in white goauche with my lovely brush by Keith Lebenzon and the text of  "Something" was written in white gouache with a pointed pen. The lettering was inspired by Hans Joachim Burgert and a photo of the egg-case of a knobbed whelk which I found thanks to Steven Pinker. It was enhanced by my own idiopathic tremor.

Knobbed Whelk

The text of Something can be found in the book Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver and published by Beacon Press 2004.

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