In the slow dawn

she began to see—

though the ancient voices

crowded her vision

with their sage advice

and familiar roots

beckoned her back

Listen! They cried.

But she ran on—

past the curious monument's sacred texts.

And on

through tripping darkness.

Away from the

graying messengers

and confused friends crying


as she leapt into the strange blue morning

where a fearless life waited—

only for her.


(written in a modern adaptation of the script of the Phaistos Disc).

This book began in August 2008 with random marks from me, Frances Gregory, Diane Estham, Helen Csont and Brenda Luscott. I owe them many thanks for letting me join their  "summer camp".


Its main medium is pastel - a rather silly medium for a book - but then I discovered SpectraFix which fixed the pastels without dulling the colours.


You can find my translation of Phaistos into English below the images.

Book 1